After much success and focus on the Asian market, Portman Architects needed to redefine itself and in its US origin country. Undergoing a full Outhink™ brand strategy, we uncovered Portman’s purpose, proposition, promise, vision, values and personality to illuminate the best way forward before starting the brand identity design. This allowed for an authentic, inside out brand to be built.

A bright red, impactful ‘spark’ icon was inherited from prior generations of the brand. We paired this with a paint stroke graphic to reflect their innovative drive, and artistic nature, combined with a modern color palette and clever use of type to really stand out in the marketplace.

The tone of voice brings to life Portman’s progressive position in the industry and communicates how they design thoughtful structures with heart and soul. The verbal identity evolved from their previous focus on technical details to how their buildings were designed taking in account the surrounding communities, culture, environment and history.

Our design captured how Portman’s creations inspire people to live better. For example, the photography style reveals how their spaces are being used and enjoyed by people rather than just showing the facade of the buildings. None of their imagery is stock and a full photoshoot took place to build a genuine image bank for years to come.