The first ever cell phone¬†device to pay you for your daily habits. Mode is transforming the way you use your smartphone by combining the latest version of Android¬†10’s interface with a device that provides the world’s first ‘earn as you go’ experience. Earn extra income by listening to music, playing games, surfing the internet, charging and even locking your phone screen.

A_TK partnered with Current Music to bring Mode to life. Our team strategically developed the brand name ‘Mode’ to help with story telling the revolutionary concept of the device. Through doing so, a brand narrative was built around ‘Every mode is earning mode’ to explain to the user that no matter how you use the device, you can get paid for doing so.

The name creatively allowed us to explore a full visual & verbal identity. After creating this bold and forward thinking brand, A_TK designed the device’s start up screen, background animation, product photography, branding the actual handset and the packaging.

Since then, we’ve worked on collateral items and an ecommerce website where the user can purchase the phone directly. We’re excited to be in the final stages of website production and can’t wait to see the product hit the market!