Lavinia create products to enhance your sexual pleasure.
The company’s vision is to empower sexual exploration, lift the taboo and openly discuss topics surrounding sex. They’ve created a unique, silicone-based cannabis lubricant that may dramatically improve the intensity and frequency of orgasms. Because magical, effortless, repeated orgasms are something everybody deserves.

We held our unique Outhink™ session to uncover Lavinia’s ‘why’ in order to create both the visual and verbal identity of the brand.

We flexed the tone of voice to allow the brand to be positioned as an inclusive, figure of authority in the market, as well as a leading informative ‘meet the expert’ Q&A section on the website.

Our goal was to make Lavinia distinctive as a brand. A kinetic brand with energy and we did that through storytelling with images, graphics & type. The result is a striking brand that explains what Lavinia stands for: Live life to the climax.

After defining the full brand identity and website, we worked on the oh.hi product packaging. This includes everything from selecting the right bottle, to designing both the full bottle wrap and box that will be seen on the shelves when launched. We’re excited to get our hands on the next product in the pipeline!