Hoppa protein

A pitch concept for a cricket-based protein powder, (yes, crickets!) our design was created to stand out in a saturated category with modern and impactful packaging.

We began building our concept by giving the product a name that jumps out against the competition. Our strategy was the playful and welcoming name Hoppa.

Contrasting against the performance-focused and heavily male-oriented market, the name also suggests the implied physical benefit of the protein.

The logotype was created to look as if it’s hopping with energy, while suggesting a fun wink within the design. We built abstract brand patterns drawn from the shape of a cricket, complemented by an organic color palette to nod towards the naturally sourced ingredients.

Our less-is-more approach to the brand collateral reinforced their point of difference of being ‘Protein, but not as you know it’. From clean and simple ad concepts to hessian packaging, each element opposed the overpowering competitors to proudly command presence on the shelf.