Female wig company Dimples has a rich heritage in best-in-class wigs and hair products; created for women suffering from Alopecia and other related conditions that cause hair loss.

A new era of CEO and management at the company brought about a desire to support women beyond just a product transaction, and demonstrate a very real empathy for their journey of emotions when dealing with hair loss, and the reality of this often unexplained condition.

The A_TK and Dimples team set out to create an experience, tone and brand that would exist as a strong DTC brand, normalize the taboo subject of hair loss, and be the brand that really see’s these women, acknowledges their struggles and seeks to empower them from within.

With our prior experience in this sector, our user-first approach to understanding the concerns and considerations of women facing this issue was used to create the brand tone of voice and visual identity.

Our strategy was simple, behave differently. Be noisy enough to catapult Dimples out of the realms of ‘anonymous supplier/wholesaler’ and to stand out as a consumer brand with courage, passion, belief and confidence.

Simply put, we took an emotionally sensitive subject, found our voice on it through a strong and bold tone of voice and challenged the status quo.

The “That’s your loss’ campaign line was flexible enough to work across all varying consumer touchpoints and channels, handing the power back to the woman dealing with this condition.