Baker Block

A new block of boutique multi-family apartments in Costa Mesa, California, Baker Block needed a brand to attract waves of occupants.

Drawing from consumer and market insights, we created a visual style true to the community’s coastal culture and relaxed style of living. 

A variety of dynamic patterns were crafted inspired by this to interact with the photography and copy for flexible and striking applications. The resulting brand, website and collateral put Baker Block at the forefront of renters’ minds

Baker Block invited world-renowned street artist Shepard Fairey to paint a mural in April. Along with several painters on his team, Fairey built upon a series of floral patterns, geometric lines and shapes, mandalas, nature, water, wings, and a female figure for this piece.

“This piece in sum is a message of peace, independence, and the beauty and openness of humanity and nature,” said Fairey.

Visible from the 55 freeway and beyond, the mural, named “Welcome Home,” is the largest mural in Orange County and a reflection of Baker Block’s commitment to both Costa Mesa’s artistic community and surf-skate culture.