Your difference makes all the difference

Purpose is the beating heart of your brand. Pumping life into everything you do, its value is limitless. It’s what makes you mean something, what sets you apart from the rest and it’s the reason why people should give a damn about what you do.

Do you know your brand’s unique purpose? If not, it’s time to uncover the key to connecting with consumers.

Unlock your purpose

Don’t just raise your voice. Find your truth_

Attention is scarce in today’s world. Every day we’re bombarded with over 3,000 advertising messages competing against each other. These adverts get louder and more extreme, desperate for us to take note. But the problem is, they’re just noise. It’s just an interruption and it’s not sustainable.

Brands need to stand for something before they stand out. They need to dig deep and uncover their truths. Only once you’ve uncovered your ‘why’ can you really engage your audience. Consumers listen to brands with an authentic story at their core, a reason to exist beyond making money.

A powerful purpose manifests itself in everything a brand does, from product development to customer experience and marketing. Our Discovery Workshop video asks all the questions needed to get to the heart of your compelling purpose. You’ll uncover your key differentiators and solid brand foundations, all without hefty agency fees.  

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The Discovery Workshop

If a brand can understand their market and landscape, their position within it and why someone should choose them, then they can take hold of the amazing opportunities this change presents.

Our workshop will unearth the foundations for a future-proof brand, including:

  • Brand purpose 
  • Core values 
  • Vision
  • Customer promise 
  • Proposition 
  • Market authority
  • Brand personality 
Discovery Workshop.
Step by step video & worksheet.
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“TK exceeded my expectations with style, experience, and deliverables. The toughest decision to make was picking which brand version to go with, they were both equally amazing and powerful.”

– James Todd, Dimples.

“A_TK has been a pleasure to work with over the last two years. They understood our vision for the Kenwood Vineyards brand and helped us take it to the next level with excellent knowledge and top-notch creatives.”

– Aldo Barrios, VP Global Marketing, Americas, Pernod Ricard

Agency TK was instrumental in the success of my brand. From my first meeting with Nicole I knew that she understood my vision. Working with her and Olivia to bring my brand to life was such an exciting experience. Because they understood the brand and I on a personal level the visuals took on an entirely new identity. We were able to create something that felt globally acceptable and connect with people on an individual level. Couldn’t recommend their services more for companies just beginning and well established brands alike.

Paizley Bishop, Founder, Peach Honey

Stand out, mean something

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